In a Nutshell

A cross between Star wars fallen order, TitanFall, Control and Brothers: A tale of two sons

Fact Sheet

Developer: codeBlueGames

Genre: Action/Adventure tower defense hybrid

Platforms: NextGen consoles/Pc

Release: TBD

Game Modes: Single-Player





Fast paced action adventure game with tower defense mechanic, players take control of Kenya Curtis who can transfer her consciousness into a variety of Robots for a predetermined amount of time, granting her access to new skills and abilities far beyond her mere mortal shell but at a great cost as this leaves her human body vulnerable.

Players must choose which machine is the right one for the task at hand, fight, dodge and protect yourself (literally) at all cost.


CodeBlueGames started life a single person studio, eventually growing and adding additional team members spread across the globe with a variety of skillsets and united goal in mind.