Code Blue Games receives an Epic MegaGrant! 

Code Blue Games, Developers of the upcoming third person tower defense hybrid game 6 Degrees is proud to announce that we have received an Epic MegaGrant award from Epic Games.
6 degrees brings a unique twist to the crowded third person genre by adding in tower defense elements. Players take on the role of Kenya Curtis, a brilliant computational neuro-biologist with the ability to transfer her consciousness into a variety of Robots, however this leaves her physical body in vulnerable state.
Players must protect their body from a variety of foes both man and machine transforming you into a living tower. Not to mention pick up, throw and use your body in different ways to solve puzzles and battle enemies! This gives a whole new meaning to the buddy system.
Thanks to Epic MegaGrants, Code Blue Games can continue developing 6 degrees and bring our exiting new game to fruition.

We are stoked to announce that 6DEGREES has been picked up by Black Game Developer Fund and added to their list of funded projects!  Click to read more.

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